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Free 3-Day Course

For women over 50 who are ready to build 

the life they've always wanted!


Are you over 50 and unsure what this next chapter of life holds for you?

Do you lack the focus, the confidence, or the energy to do anything differently?  

Are you ready to create the life YOU have always dreamed? 

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions,  your mind likely immediately became overloaded with all the ideas you have. 


Then your mind jumped to past obstacles that prevented you from moving forward and you are unsure of what to do next.

What you are sure of is that life after 50 is more than what you are currently experiencing.

Does This Sound Like You?

Have you ever wondered if life has more to offer at this stage? Have you ever questioned whether there is a way to live more intentionally, purposefully, and with focus? Have you ever felt that the time is right, but you don't know where to start? You may have taken the time to write the vision and have a plan in place, but for some reason, you are still in the same spot where you were when you first began the process, you are stuck. Even though you may be moving, it doesn't appear as if you are moving forward.  This course is for YOU

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What if I Told You….

Life does not end at 50, it’s a new beginning!

What if I told you that once you connect to

your purpose,  you'll feel happier and more

eager to wake up every morning? 

Let’s look at what you have accomplished

thus far in life:

  • You have weathered life storms that                      have led to increased wisdom. 

  • You've been through tragedy and                          pain, which has given you the strength                           you didn't realize you possessed.

  • You have had difficulties that you                                       once believed would destroy you,                           but they have made you mentally tough. 


You have so much to offer the world, your community, and your tribe.

I Flipped The Script

Did you know that over 53% of people in the world are not sure of their purpose? It took me forever to discover and begin intentionally living mine. I truly believe “It Is Never Too Late For Purpose”. The world suggests that in life your greatest accomplishments will come before the age of 40.


I leveled up my coaching business, started a podcast during the pandemic, authored two books (a journal and I am part of a book compilation), hosted women’s retreats, shifted industries to add depth to my business as a  Life Coach, then Career Coach and now Health & Wellness Coach, earned a 2nd Master’s Degree, worked in Higher Ed, Faith-Based (Church), now shifted to a new area Healthcare…..all of which was accomplished after 50! 


Listen, why don’t you sign up for my “It’s Never Too Late For Purpose”   Free 3-Day Course that will assist you in discovering your purpose after the age of 50?

Over 3-Days We Will Explore:


Purpose As The Big Differentiator


Who are you and what do you want? Living on purpose offers insight into the thing that makes your heart sing and makes you happy to wake up each day. Define what is purpose and why you need to know yours. Discover the role purpose plays in the overall scheme of your life. The difference purpose makes in having the life you want.


You Can Have The Life of Your Dreams


What are you missing if you are not living in purpose? Could you be missing living a meaningful life? Showing up in full confidence. The excitement of doing what you love. Not living in purpose could cause you to feel lost, unfocused, without direction, and/or frustrated in your life.  You know there is more but don’t know the steps to take to get there. You may lack energy and drive. Connecting to purpose is vital to your fulfillment as a person. How do you move forward to create the life of your dreams?


Barriers To Living In Purpose


A life free from purpose barriers offers limitless possibilities. What is stopping you from living on purpose? Identify specific barriers that inhibit your forward movement, like self-sabotage, limiting thinking, and fear. These can keep us tethered to our areas of comfort. Purpose is elusive when pursued from a position of comfort learn the reason why.

THIS IS YOUR TIME. The time for helping others is OVER. The time for you to live YOUR purpose is NOW! 

Are you ready to: 

  • Live in authenticity and clarity of focus

  • Wake up each day inspired to do what you love

  • Take your life forward with actions towards a rewarding, meaningful and happy life?

What Others Have to Say

What People Say

Debra is not just a life coach, she is a life gift! As I navigate through changes and challenges in my professional and personal life, she has helped, and continues to help, me in peeling back layers and unearthing truths that have shaped who I am. In doing so, I have been able to find alignment in all that I do. Her ability to ask the tough questions and hold me accountable enables me to clearly understand who I am and make choices that are authentically me. This process has been nothing short of amazing, and I look forward to seeing more results from all of our work.

Erica S., Finance Professional 

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